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No matter what your situation is, at Everage Auto we work hard to say "YES!" to every customer that comes to visit. This  page is dedicated to giving you a better understanding of the process and what to expect when you come see us.

All of the payments that you see on this website or on our vehicles are based on the average credit score in Angola, Indiana.  This is between 650 and 680 on the TransUnion credit bureau.  They are also based on $0.00 downpayment.  If your credit score is above average, you may actually have a LOWER payment than what is listed.


We work with several local banks and credit unions to be able to offer our customers a competitve interest rate that is often among the lowest in the industry.


The payments shown are listed as weekly payments as a courtesy to our customers.  We have found that this is easier for customers to determine if the vehicle will fit into their budget.  Most of the vehicles will be financed with a monthly payment.




Fill out our safe and secure credit application by clicking here




  • Drivers License
  • Insurance Card
  • Proof of Residence (if the address on your drivers license is not correct)
  • Proof of Income (if your credit score is below 680 TransUnion)

We also offer GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL for our customers that have not yet started a credit file or have a credit score below 620 TransUnion.  This is a great opportunity for our customers to be able to drive a nicer or newer vehicle while improving their credit score at the same time!


We understand that life can get busy and things get forgotten.  So we offer our customers the convenience of AUTOPAY.  Never forget about your payment again.  By enrolling in the autopay program, you have the flexibility of setting up your vehicle payment to coincide with your paycheck.  For example, if you get paid every Friday, we can set your payment to be taken out Friday or Saturday so that you know the money will always be available for your payment and you will never be on the "Naughty List."   Autopay allows the customer to choose the day the payment will be made and the frequency.  It can be set up as weekly, bi-weekly, twice per month, or monthly.


Each customer will be given an approval that is not based on their credit score but rather on factors such as whether or not they have a checking account that has been active for longer than 30 days, the length of time that they have been at their current residence, the length of time they have been at their current job, and the amount of their downpayment.  The better the customer scores in each of these categories, the more the bank will finance for them.





Fill out our safe and secure credit application by clicking here




  • Drivers License
  • Insurance Card
  • Proof of Income (dated within 30 days)
  • Proof of Residence (dated within 30 days - bring 2 if the address on your license is incorrect)
  • Bank Statement (dated within 30 days)
  • Routing Number and Account Number for your Checking Account (to enroll in autopay)



  • Paycheck stub (dated within 30 days)
  • Bank Statement (for direct deposited recurring payments)
  • Award Letter (for Federal recurring payments)
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Job Letter (must be on company letterhead and include, start date, rate of pay, and expected hours)
  • Previous Tax Returns (special circumstances for self-employed)



  • Utility Bill (in customers name)
  • Phone Bill (in customers name)
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Paycheck stub (for bank financing only)